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Organizing & Decluttering Services for Portland, Oregon.

We want you to love your place, your stuff, and your time. Whether you choose to work one-on-one, or require a team, we can provide:

  • Whole house or single room organization.
  • Commercial, office, and home office space organization.
  • Digital organizing.
  • Systems to support executive functioning challenges (ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, etc.) or the chronically busy and overwhelmed.
  • Installation of shelving and closet systems to support an organized environment.
  • Move management and home staging services.

Let us help you simplify your world, and teach you how to keep it going. We deliver simple systems and judgment-free support to get you on the road to better organization.


Hi! I'm Sue. I began my career as a software developer and took that problem-solving mindset into learning how to best support my family's organizing challenges. After years of dedicating myself to learning all I could about how to best support those with organizing challenges at home and at work, I started Sorted Digs. 



"I'm easily overwhelmed in the kitchen because of my ADHD. Sue tailored the organization of my kitchen to better suit the way I think and move in that space. I feel so much more confident in the kitchen now. We also worked on my bathroom. Everything I need daily is now within reach and easy-to-find."

Kitchen and Bathroom Client

"Sue is the best! She is amazing at what she does. My house has very little storage, and Sue has managed to transform my space so that it finally feels functional. I'm so happy with the results. I wish I had this organization in my life sooner!"

Whole House Organization

"We were overwhelmed by a new bigger kitchen and decades of accumulated dishes and pots. Sue came in and not only fixed our kitchen issues but inspired us to organize other spaces in our home as well."

Dan & Brooke
Kitchen Clients

"Sue really understands how neurodivergence impacts one's executive functioning and organizational skills — and can get you "sorted!""

Mara McLoughlin
Founder and Lead Facilitator, IRL Social Skills

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